The Mad Platters (And Discount!)

I've always loved Etsy.  There is something so lovely about the community and creativity the platform has been able to foster.  I recently fell pretty deep into the Etsy rabbit hole (partly thanks to a birthday gift card from my brother and his girlfriend, thank you!) and I'm so excited to spend the next couple of weeks sharing some incredible artists, shops and the cheeky discount here and there.  Consider yourself and your wallet warned.

First up is the very cool The Mad Platters.  This shop features original melamine plate designs with variations of the famous CAVALIERI face engraving with mid-century and retro touches.  And goodness knows I respect anyone who stands for a quite delightful Alice in Wonderland reference.  

Items from approachable decadence to the darling macabre mean there is something sweetly quirky for all tastes.  And the lovely Jean and Kit Cody of The Mad Platters have very kindly given Thrill of the Chaise readers a 10% discount on their super cool products.  Just enter the code 'TheMadPlatters10off' at checkout!  Browse the shop here.

(All images c/o The Mad Platters)