Waen Geometric Designs.

I've recently been drawn to a lot of delicate geometric designs and how cool they can look in home decor.  There is something very airy but also industrial about the look that I think is epically cool and also really helpful, in a space like our apartment, when you need to be really careful to not make things seem cluttered.  Want to add some to your home?  Enter Waen.

The husband-wife duo behind Waen are makers with backgrounds in architecture and psychology, somehow the perfect recipe for incredible decor designs.  They create handmade geometric terrariums (with about a thousand uses) using the Tiffany stained glass technique in their Instanbul-based studio.

The idea for the shop was born out of using scraps to create things that were actually new and unique, a theory that my household holds dear.  From terrariums for plants to wedding features to home displays and centerpiece decor, these amazing art pieces are an incredibly cool blank canvas for whatever you fancy.  And I love them.  But which one...and in which color...all of them.  I need all of them.  Explore their Etsy shop here.

(Images c/o Waen)