Bunk It Up.

I may be well into my 30s now, but two things still absolutely fascinate me. Treehouses and bunk beds. I never had either growing up (college doesn't count), which may be the reason why I have never really stopped being completely obsessed with the idea of both. Treehouses are another convo (maybe, that could be a slippery slope), but there have been some really cool bunk ideas that I have come across recently that I wanted to share.

I have no room or purpose for bunks (right now at least). Though I am sure if I suggested the idea of bunk beds, my other half would be pretty jazzed at the notion. So, don't get any ideas, dude. Or maybe do...it could be pretty cool. Also, I could go on for days with these pictures...so you're welcome, I was selective. But now also obsessed with loft style beds. DAMMIT, PINTEREST.

(Images c/o Pinterest, click on images to link through)