A Massive Clucking Chicken.

So this terrifies me. And also kinda fascinates me. Meaning I am stuck in some kind of brilliant anxiety writing this.  In the middle of a forest in Indonesia, there is an abandoned church in the shape of a massive chicken.  Would it be as terrifying to me if it wasn't slowly falling into disrepair? Probably.  It's a giant chicken.  But there is something so beautiful about it at the same time.  

Apparently it was meant to be created in the vision of a dove but local think otherwise, and you're never going to choose your own nickname. They said chicken, so chicken it is. Left unfinished 15 years ago due to costs, the structure is still standing for the time being... And now back to our regularly scheduled programming of cute clothes and funny things for the home!

(Images c/o Alek Kurniawan)