Rent a French Castle.

'It's cheaper 2 rent a French castle than 2 stay at Walt Disney World'.  Absolutely brilliant.

So many feels that I am feeling with this pillow:

  • I would love to go to a French castle. Or do anything French, really. I miss Paris terribly and I would love a bit of a proper adventure. But seriously. French castle.
  • I would also love to go to Walt Disney World. Despite the protest of my other half, I would have a whale of a time regressing a bit and their branding is so spot on it makes me crazy in the best way possible...said by a marketing person.
  • This single decor piece is so ridiculously brilliant, I think I have gone beyond the state of 'want' to 'need'.
  • This pillow is probably accurate and that's terrifying.
  • A bit of exploration on and I'm in love.  It's so simple but everything makes such a statement.  Everything is insanely beautiful and also affordable.  It may feel like a trick, but it's not. YAY.

Visit the website for the full selection of items and tell your bank account I'm sorry but also that I'm not at all.

(Image c/o Aelfie)