Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box.

In our home, we worship at the alter of the vintage turntable and borderline offensive vinyl collection that was harder to move than the couch during our last relocation.  And though I have generally been very aggressively resistant to almost all subscription-based services, I have SLOWLY come around.  Places like Vinyl Me, Please, Club W and NatureBox have swayed me into giving some of the more creative and customer-focused institutions a chance.  

Something that I love about Club W recently is that they have begun putting recipe cards in their shipments for each of the wines you order, which not only outline the wine in layman's terms but also have a recipe that will compliment the bottle.  Built-in date night or party.  Brilliant.  (Want to try Club W out? Click here and you'll get a free bottle of wine when you sign up!)

Turntable Kitchen has set-up a brilliant way to deliver some more of my favorite things in this delightful package of fun.  Described as a 'curated food and music discovery experience', each delivery includes an exclusive 7" vinyl, digital mixtape, 1-2 ingredients to explore, 3 seasonal recipes and tasting notes. From a pizza party to a bistro dinner to a party feast, they introduce you to new music while expanding your culinary knowledge, giving you a really good excuse to celebrate with one or many.  

The premium ingredients have ranged from Mediterranean Oregano, fennel pollen, chili flakes and almond meal.  I love this kind of exploration in such an unfussy way.  Give it a try here!

(All images c/o Turntable Kitchen)