Rockin' Tea Towels.

Pardon me while I channel the English girl that is still very much a part of my being.  When a tea towel succeeds in being adorable, clever or just beautiful, I can't help but obsess slightly on how much thought is put in to what is essentially a rag for the kitchen.  I have a couple lovely tea towels from my darling Emma Bridgewater that I constantly say I am going to frame and will...someday...when I can find a frame that awkward of a size.

Not one of the Emma Bridgewater tea towels I own, but this list of heart throbs is pretty adorable. Not to mention how obviously obsessed Emma is with Marlon Brando...I say this because his name is on here repeatedly and I also have mugs that say 'I love you more than Marlon Brando' because...why the hell not?

Having a kitchen in which I have star-print dishes (thanks, Mom!) and (more Emma Bridgewater) mugs that state 'I love you more than rock & roll', these tea towels really spoke to me.  In a way that was a mix of both 'you need to refine your tastes a bit and grow up but also don't lose that silly part of your style'.  And I will embrace both of those feelings.  Maybe with this refined, yet ridiculous, kitchen rags.

Bowie, Morrissey, Freddie, Prince...just being badass and sexy, as per usual

Madonna & Amy...being badass and sexy, as per usual

Noel & Liam...probably being pissed off at each other, as per usual

(All images c/o Bold & Noble)