COACH Goes Boss.

Admittedly, I have a somewhat negative preconception of Coach Handbags as a brand.  I used to love them and then they didn't seem to move along with the times...or rather their attempts to were ill-advised and poorly executed. (I went in there once as a branding intern to be presented with a 'tween' collection that had the same price point as the regular collection. How they saw that working out well is beyond me.)

But credit where credit is due.  Coach has recently started to seriously nail it.  From their print ads to their cool new collaborations, I'm digging it.  Digging it HARD.  I've been talking about how much I would like to get a new handbag and struggling to find one that I both love and can afford.  And then Coach comes along and now in the first-world struggle of wondering which one I want and if it might be possible for me to afford more than just one.  Here are the top runners (and see the full collection of bags here):

And then you bring in the total weirdness of Baseman that, while many find it completely disturbing, I totally love.  Little monsters plus luxury leather goods (plus some weird dripping leopard print).  Bring it on but go on sale first.  Thanks.

(All images c/o Coach)