Being Cold Sucks.

I started a new job 5 weeks ago.  And while I watch the snow come down for another Sunday evening, I am none too please that of these 5 weeks, only one Monday commute will have been without full-on grossness.  The snow is beautiful but I'm over it.  I'm cold all the time and it's making little things like laundry (pipes keep freezing) and running errands (I drive a Subaru but it doesn't make driving in the snow any more fun) way more difficult than they need to be.  

So I am having a wonderful time checking the weather forecast for March (we get into a balmy 40 degrees) and looking at gorgeous outdoor living images on Pinterest.  I'm taking notes for when the snow finally melts and I can see my deck again.  DECORATING GAME ON.

(All images c/o Pinterest)