Reality of Instagram.

Recently, there seemed to be an influx of articles and posts across the world wide web speaking to the bizarre world of Instagram.  Especially working in the world of social media, I know how curated any presence there is (whether we know we are doing it or not).  Admittedly, since I started commuting 3.5 hours a day, I've become a little more of a homebody when I get the chance and many of my posts these days are either work or home and not a lot in between.  So when I was visiting my parents and a family friend came to tell me how fun my life looks with all the parties I go to...I was incredibly confused.  I racked my brain to think of the last time I was even at a cool looking party, especially one I posted, and I was at a loss.

But my life is curated on Instagram. Not intentionally, but of course I'm not going to post any pictures of me doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen or sorting bills.  So in the sense that fashion magazines have gotten a bad wrap for portraying something not realistic, Instagram does the same on a more realistic level.  Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere made an incredible point about the curation of Instagram.  When she takes a cool picture of her shoes on a beautiful new rug, it looks like a snapshot into a beautiful world where everything has its place and is always stylish.  When, in fact, right behind her, the shelves in her closet have fallen down, her laundry hasn't been folded and she hasn't done the dishes. We curate perfection that may exist in moments but not in a full reality.

This article from Fast Company titled 'Your Friends Are Liars' is an awesome read on the whole thing, so make sure to check it out. And just make sure to remind yourself every now and then that a peek into someone's life never tells a full story.

(Images c/o Fast Company)