John Malkovich, You Beautiful Weirdo.

John Malkovich is a legend.  We all know that.  But, to me at least, he's always been a bit of a quiet one.  He sneaks in and out of visibility, making a massive impact as he does, but then fading out of sight until he crashes back in for a moment.  And he's done just that with a new photo exhibit by Sandro Miller, featuring this loose cannon of a silver screen star.

In an exhibition that runs from the 7th of November through the end of January at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago, Miller and Malkovich (bad ass name combo) recreated some of the most famous portraits ever shot.  There's an element of extreme silliness but balanced by touches of affection and respect for some of the serious subject matters captured in the original images.  

It's genius.  It's bizarre.  And of course it's in Chicago because everything awesome happens there.

And just because it's my personal favorite...Malkovich as John Freakin' Paul Gaultier.