Emma Roberts x Bauble Bar For The Win.

I don't have tons to say about Emma Roberts.  Not for any reason other than I don't know much about her and haven't seen much that she's been in.  Must be super cool to be related to Julia Roberts...she seems like a nice lady.  I'm really into American Horror Story, as it speaks to my super weirdo side.  And Emma appears to be quite a fashionable girl.  The end.

So when I saw that she was partnering up with Bauble Bar as a 'guest bartender', I wasn't sure how interested I would be.  Turns out, SUPER INTERESTED.  Her curation was pretty spot on and I'm currently trying to manage my feelings on how I get my paws on most, if not all, of the collection.

With some punky elements, a delicate touch and a celebration modern embellishments, if this is the story that Emma Roberts tells, I'm happy to listen.  

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the curation:

See the entire collection at BaubleBar.

(Images c/o BaubleBar)