Certificate Of Awesomeness. Because You Are.

I'm not even sure what to say about this one.  It's awesome.  Awesome celebrating awesome.  This is the kind of thing you come across and first think 'why didn't I come up with this genius idea', which is swiftly followed by 'who can I give this to but secretly who can I find to get me one'. 

I love artist Jessica Hische by default because she uses the term 'Saved By The Bell-esque'.  But then you add in rainbows and silver foil and basically everything she was clever enough to put on these Certificates of Awesomeness, and it's game over.  She's my best friend.  At some point, maybe she'll know that too.

So go.  Get one.  Gift it.  Let someone know that they are the tits.  

(Images c/o Jessica Hische)