Hi there.  My name is Kate and I'm the worst.  

I'm not REALLY the worst but I've been absent for a while here at Thrill of the Chaise and that kinda sucks.  I could blame it on a lot of things and it's probably a very honest combination of all of them...

  • Blogger Burnout: After reading about a thousand (overstatement) blog posts from people I follow about the dreaded 'blogger burnout', I felt a little less guilty about embracing it myself.  The world of blogging has become so heavily saturated and has a quickly changing landscape so, for a moment, I just ran out of things to say/understanding the purpose for why I share so much.
  • Real Life Got In The Way: My life has changed a hell of a lot over the last year and in a lot of great ways.  But in a lot of ways that needed my attention.  I have a job that I wanted to really focus on and also took up a lot of time.  Work/life balance became incredibly important to me and this blog had started to feel a bit too much like work.  I moved.  And that was a whole thing.  Still settling in but just having the ability to know I am in the process of settling in frees up a bit of my brain space.  
  • Respect For My Offline Life: This is probably pretty rich from someone that works in social media and content creation but I was suddenly overcome with the need to dedicate a bit more time to my life without the need to share every little thing.  There were things I became very precious about and stopping to enjoy things without thinking of the best way to show them off with an Instagram filter was incredibly important to me.

In short, I had some lessons to learn and some life to live and some recharging to do.  

You may have noticed that the look of Thrill of the Chaise has changed a bit and it will continue to evolve over the coming months.  All patience is appreciated while I figure out a new platform and deal with the less than perfect migration of 3 years worth of content over to a new home.  Anyway, I can't wait to get back into the groove of things...I've really missed it here.