Now That It's December, This Is Acceptable.

I love the holidays.  So when signs they have started to arrive, I'm usually pretty jazzed about it all.  And I wouldn't say that I am one of those who has a STRONG opinion on the Christmas commercials on TV before Halloween and stores opening their doors for Black Friday days before Black Friday actually begins...but I do think it's pretty silly.  Let's all just slow our rolls a bit and not worry about being first out of the gate.

Anyway...Halloween is over.  Thanksgiving is over.  We have just stepped into December.  And so I felt like I would be well within my bounds to share some of my favorite holiday decor inspiration without it seeming out of place.

This year will not just be different but VERY different for my family and I, and though I plan on telling you all about it soon, it's just a note that I won't be around my normal surroundings for it.  I have a lovely little apartment now with room and the right kind of energy for a tree, but this year, there will be no seasonal decor going up for us.  We will be on an adventure.  Together.  

But that doesn't mean I am not excited at the ideas swirling around and taking notes for a time when I will be home and want to really go balls out.  (Sorry, Santa.)

(All images c/o Pinterest.  Click on image to go direct to link.)