Handmade Neon Sign = More Feelings Than I Was Expecting.

I initially started to watch this video because I was like 'oh cool, a neon skull...let's see where this goes'.  But this video ended up making me feel all the feelings and not just about a cool sign that was being produced.  The artist, Mike Heist, is something incredible.  Obviously in the sense of creating this kind of thing, but his story...I dunno, that's what really struck me.  He doesn't ever talk about his passion for the craft.  Nor does he really talk much about the business itself.  It's really about how this is just what he does.  It's why he does it.  It's ignoring the impact he may have made in his city and in the art world because...that's just not him.  It's something personal and painful and beautiful all at once.  

That being said.  I still want that neon skull.