Throwin' Some Major Shade.

I am a eyewear enthusiast but I have been off my game recently.  I know exactly when it started...I went to visit my brother in Colorado and didn't want to look like a COMPLETE fool so I thought maybe the cat-eye D&G shades were too much with my oversized fur collar winter coat.  Thus I opted for a $10 pair of wayfarers from Target and, though I still looked like a jerk, I looked a little bit less like a jerk. Athena


They aren't bad glasses.  But they are pretty blah and they are also so scratched to hell that it's become a point of mild argument with my roommate (another eyewear enthusiast).  The point of my rambling is that I need some new shades.  Oh helloooo, Quay Eyewear!



What I dig about this collection is that all the sunglasses are pretty classic but cool details.  It could be an unexpected color or a little alteration of shape...baller.  And if you go to their 'As Seen On' section, Gwen Stefani is essentially their poster child.  That's quite the fashion stamp of approval.




So now the question is...WHICH ONE(S)?!

(All images c/o Quay Eyewear)