A Tree Just Wants To Be A Tree.

I love the look of wood furniture that keeps the natural shape of the material.  This is a reasonably recent revelation and who knows where it came from.  Maybe it comes with a little bit more maturity and appreciating character in larger doses.  Or maybe I've just been hanging out with woodworkers and such on a more regular basis who have taught me to appreciate the craft.  OR MAYBE IT JUST LOOKS COOL.  (I was serious about the woodworker thing...check out the amazing video for my darling Johnny's shop below.) [vimeo 83286331 w=500 h=281]

I have been coveting a tree stump side table or two since I moved into my apartment about 7 months ago.  A bit of a juxtaposition against the quite lovely but character-deprived building in which I live.  Somewhere between not wanting to pay a ton of money for a literal tree stump someone else was calling a table on my behalf and coming up short with Google searches of 'where do I buy a tree stump', the search lost steam.

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And then this happened on A Beautiful Mess and be still my heart.  They took something I loved and put studs on it and now what the hell am I meant to do?!  Let it be known that the last time I decided on a DIY project for my place, it was a project from A Beautiful Mess and it took ages but looks awesome.

Back to that freakin' Google search then...

(Images c/o A Beautiful Mess)