As that holiday designed for lovers is on the fast approach, the pressure is on to find the perfect gifts for the loves of all our lives.  Searching for meaningful presents is one of my favorite things, and as I've gotten older, I try to think about the lasting effect of what I am giving out. Diamond Print by Glimmer of Gold on Etsy

Now I know that we can't all afford to give diamonds, as much as we would like, but a thoughtful piece of jewelry always goes a long way.  It isn't about running out and snagging something just because it's sparkly, though.  Seriously.  Just cause it sparkles doesn't mean you don't have to think about it.  Jewelry is such a personal gift because it reflects your vision of their personal style.  Oh, the pressure!

One of my favorite places to go when I'm on the hunt for a special piece of jewelry is online shop Anjolee.  In my experience, there are two real options when it comes to shopping for a jewelry gift:

1. The Classic

The fail-safe option.  Go for something timeless and it will become a staple in any jewelry collection.  A pair of diamond stud earrings are not just something that can be worn forever but they are also something that can be passed on and stay 'in fashion'.

diamond studs

If you're feeling brave, a slight twist on such a classic item might be just the thing.  The lovely people over at Anjolee sent me these stunners that have the timelessness of the stud earring but bringing it up just a little to become a sweet little statement look.

surrounded by diamonds studs

2. The Custom

This option works best if you know the recipient of the gift a bit better.  It also makes the gift that much more special too!  If you visit Anjolee, they give you all the options you could possibly dream of to make a really personal, thoughtful gift.

From the shape of the stone, to the length of a necklace, quality and weight, even the addition of can really make a piece your own.  I own

Head over to Anjolee to explore.  It's ever so much fun!

(All jewelry images c/o Anjolee)