Dear Santa.

Time for a Christmas list... christmas list 1

1. Julia Pott Hug - Goodness me, I love everything Julia does.  Her short animation for John Lewis melted my heart in 9 seconds flat.  You can see it here.  And frames from the original animation are available for purchase.  I want one.  Two.  Three.

2. Erica Weiner Handcuff Lariat - I've written about these beauties before here.  There is something aggressive but delicately beautiful about these handcuff lariats.

3. Frends Rose Gold Headphones - So I MAYBE may have bought these for myself on Cyber Monday.  Because I'm worth it.  Or at least that was my reasoning.  And I can say with all my rose gold heart that I adore them.

4. BCBG Veiled Hat - Yes, I know I am ridiculous.  I would like to note that this hat is balanced by the fact that I have, at the very least, researched actual snow boots and proper winter coat.  (I can't find the black version in stock anywhere...don't buy me the white one...that would be too much even for moi.)

5. Cazadora Pink Biker Jacket - I mean, obviously.  Nothing to say here other than I adore this site and I want all the things.

6. Karen Walker Sunglasses - Aside from the fact that I may have fallen even more in love with a pair of Kate Spade sunnies in the last few days...someday I will own some ridiculous Karen Walker sunglasses.  And that will be a good day.