Etsy Monday: Kari Herer Photography.

Something is happening in my little world and I'm increasingly fascinated by the usage of nature in art.  The fact that it is in art that is also accessible makes it even better.  From florals and faunas to sweet (or not so sweet) depictions of animals, I'm digging on it.




But I also like something to be quite abstract about it, too.  The subjects aren't in their natural elements.  They are manipulated in some way.  There are other components that have no place there.  A little while back, I wrote about Nick Knight's 'Flora' series, which shares a lot of these details.  What Kari Herer does, however, brings it to the next level.




You want to reach out and touch Keri's work.  If it's layering gorgeous flowers against a pure black background or adding florals in as elements on a beautifully sketched animal, there is something so fascinating about her eye and her work.  Keri appreciates beauty, as much as soft touches of 'out of the box' creativity.




Head over to Kari's Etsy shop and go crazy.


(All images c/o Kari Herer)