I Like It. What Is It?

When I first started to read about Anthony Burrill's book, I Like It. What Is It?, it wasn't so much the book that grabbed my attention, but it's headline print.  It's such a simple phrase.  But it's one that I've said a million times, that I have heard a million times, that I will hear a million times more.  It's a simple phrase with a hell of a lot behind it.


But you won't notice that until you stop, faced with the words, and properly take them in.  That's a lot of what Anthony Burrill's work is composed of...simple words, simply designed, resonating hard.  He has been described as an artist of words.  No, not an author.  An artist.  Burrill works to keep you thinking and giving you something beautiful to challenge you.




And there is a book.  An incredible book.  A book which is as unusual and simple and clever as Burrill's work itself.  I Like It. What Is It? is a poster book, meant to be read and loved and then torn apart.  Seriously.  Made up of 30 prints, as you flip through the pages, you are able to really get involved with a collection of stories.  Each poster offers a background on where the phrases came from and what they mean.  (Does it entirely matter?  What does it meant to YOU?  You like it, do you need to know what it is?  Can you just enjoy it and have that be enough?  That's some deep shit right there.)








Each poster is easily torn from the book so it can be hung up and loved.  And there are stickers.  Who doesn't love stickers?!  Buy the book here.  Also, you can buy any of the prints here...which I think you TOTALLY should.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/78720281]

(Images c/o Anthony Burrill)