Will Broome for Twenty6 Magazine.

If you're not reading Twenty6 Magazine, you're a fool.  It's brilliant.  And for their latest issue, they brought in the amazing artist/illustrator/adorable man Will Broome for a brilliantly English interview, along with some of his sweet and secretly dark characters to feature in a fab fashion editorial.


You can check out the entire interview here but allow me to present some of my favorite bits:

'I was born in Nottinghamshire.  My childhood was a very uncomplicated affair.'

'I'm not sure if I'm an illustrator, I think I might be an artist.'

'I am inspired by lots of things.  Normally it's stuff I see on toilet walls and the street when I am riding my bike.  I still like things I liked when I was 11.'

'Behind the happy go lucky facade, there is a darkness to my work.'

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/77902959]

Augh, this editorial is so adorable and cool and adorable and rad.  You can see the whole damn thing here.

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Check out Twenty6 Magazine here.

(All images c/o Twenty6 Magazine)