The Perfect Faux Wedding.

I don't write about wedding-type things very often.  When my close friends have tied the knot, I've been sure to share them because...well, they were worth sharing.  I was never a little girl who dreamt about her wedding day.  Not that I was ever against the idea, though.  In fact, I think it's all quite lovely.

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Weddings always seemed quite a summery affair to me.  And they have been in my experiences.  But when I saw the pictures of this faux dream wedding, created by the amazing people over at Design Sponge, I'm not only all for autumn nuptials (more room for darker colors, as is my taste anyway) but goodness me.  Do you SEE these pictures?!

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Leather jacket, super romantic dress, a motorcycle and a bulldog.  If I ever get married, I want it to look a hell of a lot like this.  With more margaritas.  Because...margaritas.

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Also worth a read, especially for those with somewhat alternative views on getting married, this great little essay called 'Marriage Isn't For You'.

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(Images c/o Design Sponge)