Pumpkin Party People.

Last weekend, I got to enjoy my dear friend's Second Annual Rooftop Pumpkin Party high above the shop fronts of Chinatown in NYC.  It's a delightful, cocktail-soaked affair where fashionable pumpkins are carved, hugs are distributed and laugh are aplenty.  As was my style last year, I bring the smallest pumpkin I can find and attempt whatever creativity I can for such a small space.  (Give me a break, I'm not dragging a pumpkin up six flights of stairs.)  Check out last year's par-tay here, and this year's party down there:

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Looking for a wee bit of inspiration for your pumpkins this year?  You may only be a day away from the big event but that is time enough to have a bit of a pumpkin party for yourself.

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(Images c/o Me, Myself & I...and Pinterest)