Hall & Oates for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Obviously.

This may be one of the only times you'll hear someone of my generation say this, especially speaking in quite serious terms, but Hall & Oates means a hell of a lot to me.  I have wanted to write about why (properly write about it) for a while...and I will...but this is more of a call to action for everyone out there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ2itQvyBY8

Hall & Oates is one of the greatest pop/soul/rock/whatever you fancy bands to grace us with their hella smooth tunes.  Laugh if you like but it's true.  I'm willing to bet you've all had a moment when you've found yourself rocking out to a song only to say 'I didn't realize this was Hall & Oates!!!'  That's right.  I win.



So here is the deal.  You need to read one of the greatest articles to ever grace the Wall Street Journal here.  Titled 'Why Hall and Oates Belong in the Rock Hall of Fame.  No Kidding.' and it is a hell of an argument for this dynamic duo.  What was that?  Yeah, that's right.  They aren't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Which is criminal, in my opinion.  They have had a much wider influence than they have ever properly been given credit for and have sustained amazing careers in music since they created some of the biggest and smoothest sounds of the 70s.



Seriously.  They deserve it.  So please vote.  It would mean a lot to them.  It would mean a lot to me.  And maybe someday, I'll tell you why.  VOTE HERE.


Do you want me to keep going with these videos?  Because I can...for DAYS.