Etsy Monday: Matou En Peluche. And Blogger Issues.

Let's start with blogger issues.  Because I've been so rubbish as of late, I want to just get that out-of-the-way and we can all carry on.  I've not been writing much at all recently.  And I feel like I'm in this flood of bloggers recently who are all going through the same thing...creative block.  I love writing.  I love writing Thrill of the Chaise.  I love writing for you and for myself.  But sometimes, it just doesn't flow like it should.  So instead of giving you a bunch of  half-assed posts, I felt maybe it was best to just take a step back for a moment and regroup.  Have I properly done that yet?  Not really.  But I'm getting there.  Life gets in the way sometimes and your focus is pulled other places.

enough sleep

I don't know if I have properly explained to you lovely people that I am back in the big kid work force with a full-time permanent position.  And it's writing.  A lot of writing.  So I think it's a combination of being a bit creatively exhausted when I get home and not being as used to writing in my own voice anymore.  The point is, I'm going to make an effort to change.  I miss you lot.  And I miss sharing all the things with you.  So I will be a rock star at work.  I will be a rock star for Thrill of the Chaise.  And I will get enough sleep (maybe).  Let's move on, shall we?

So Etsy Bloody Monday, eh?  How I have missed thee!  So let's jump right in.  With the delightfully darling Matou En Peluche.  As I continue to settle in my new apartment (which is coming along swimmingly, although not as quickly as I would like, which is 'all at once'), my focus remains quite steadily on decor.  I have a list of things I am really 'into', which are all a bit bizarre but, hey, we all have our things:

  • Sea urchins
  • Solving almost every problem with 'just spray paint it gold'
  • Agate
  • Skulls (oldie but a goodie)
  • and MERMAIDS

Some of these things are new fascinations.  But a couple are old faithfuls.  And, in fact, mermaids are something that I have quietly coveted since college.  BACK STORY ALERT.  I went to a small liberal arts school that had a mascot.  It was the devil.  Which I love.  But we had a bit of an unofficial (and historic) mascot who is the one who really struck my fancy.  Way at the top of our school's first building, Old West, was a beautiful mermaid looking over all of us, being adorable and majestic all that once.  Every now and then, I would be given a thoughtful mermaid token and now I have a bit of a collection that I adore.



When I came across Samantha's work at Matou En Peluche, I was struck by her style that seemed to mix both Art Deco and Asian influences and created a depth to something seemingly straight-forward at first.  There are elements of fashion illustration, mixed with vintage story telling and a healthy dose of childlike wonder that comes out of each image.




And then I saw the MERMAIDS.  I mean, come on.  How gorgeous!

M1 M2 M3

Check out all of the stunning artwork at Matou En Peluche here.  And make sure to stop by Samantha's blog here!  See where the creative genius is coming from...

(Images c/o Pinterest, Dickinson College and Matou En Peluche)