Etsy Monday: Julia Pott. And Hug.

I have written about the amazing Julia Pott over and over and over again.  Her work is so unique and touching, while still maintaining a sort of childlike whimsy.  Julia's sentiment cuts deeply and honestly...and sweetly even when it's painful.  She was recently commissioned by retailer John Lewis to create a Vine video for their 'What Matters Most' campaign.  So she created 'Hug'. [vimeo]

Don't you just die a little bit inside at how lovely that is?!  So simple, so sweet, so impactful.  I think it hits me the most right before the clip ends and you realize in this lovely hug, they are rubbing each others backs in a way that you only do when you REALLY care about someone.  SO DAMN SWEET.  And now you can have one of the original frames for your very own.  For $10, you can order a frame of the original drawings for the animation that is picked by random.  I'm having a little bit of a daydream about ordering a series...3 maybe...and framing them in succession.  Then you get a hint at the story being told without entirely giving it away.  LOVE.

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See the animation frames here and all of Julia's work here.

(Images c/o Julia Pott)