The Capsule.

The Capsule, a 35 minute film directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari, has a storyline that reads as follows: Seven young women.  A mansion perched on a Cycladic rock.  A series of lessons on discipline, desire, discovery, and disappearance.  A melancholy, inescapable cycle on the brink of womanhood — infinitely.


While I've only had the pleasure of being able to locate the trailer, the summary intrigues me and the visuals, not just in the trailer itself but also represented in film posters and fashion, have me reeling.  Beauty in darkness and darkness in beauty.  It's every aesthetic I have ever loved and though I am sure I will find it completely terrifying when I do finally see it, that's what I want from this film.

The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_01 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_02 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_03 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_04 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_05 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_06 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_07 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_08 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_09 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_10 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_11 The-Capsule_Athina-Rachel-Tsangari_Web-Photo_12

Its inception began with the commission to create a piece of art incorporating fashion.  Athina was not interested in creating a fashion film in its traditional sense, nor in fashion itself in its traditional sense.  A coat made of human hair.  A dress that reacts to light via sensors.  Fashion that acts as a sculpture as much as a garment.  The genre of horror-fantasy gets quite a stunning treatment in this film.

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(All images c/o The Capsule)