Etsy Monday: Rabbit & The Duck.

As the school year begins for many, my jealousy of being able to go on a full-on school supplies spree ranks pretty damn high.  It may not be that I am nerding out over finding the perfect 5-subject notebook that will keep me super organized (for the first week...we all know it's downhill from there) but maybe just a reminder of how much I love friggin' cute stationary and such.  In a world full of IKEA hacks and creating a special personal touch, there is something to be said about getting your adult-shaped craft on.  And no one knows this better (and helps us all find our way) than Shannon from the ADORABLE Rabbit & The Duck.  I mean, her shop's motto is 'create a lovely life'.  Thank you, don't mind if I do.



Rabbit & The Duck takes the cute and makes it cuter.  Like, impossibly cute.  Like, 'I'm sorry but could you get cuter if you tried?' 'No, I could not'.  The shop is filled with a little bit of home decor...a little bit of fashion...and a whole lot of things to help you get creative and make basically the best care packages/favors/whatever you want the best ever.  Especially washi tape, the most badass member of the masking tape family.  I MEAN LOOK AT THE AIRMAIL KIT BELOW AND TELL ME YOUR BRAIN DIDN'T COMPLETELY MELT WITH JOY AND THE DESIRE TO HAVE A NOTE LIKE THAT ARRIVE AT YOUR DOOR.  I would also like to discuss with Shannon how she might be able to sneak in to my apartment while I am at work and make my bed look like the one below.  Just. So. Cute.



For the next week, Thrill of the Chaise readers will be able to enjoy an amazing 20% off their purchases at Rabbit & The Duck!  Just use the discount code 'THRILL20' when you check out. Maybe stock up on washi tape.  I want to washi tape everything.  Seriously.  World, look out.



(All images c/o Rabbit & The Duck)