Love Notes and Valentine.

My adoration of a hand-written note should be quite obvious if you read Thrill of the Chaise.  There is something so special about a moment being spent taking a pen to paper to really let someone know you're thinking of them.  No matter how deep the sentiment or how swift the thought ('You're great' goes a long way), a love note is a love note.  And in celebration of her spirited and passionate grandmother, Valentine, the beautiful Sarah Crawford has created a space that fosters these lovely moments in everyday life.  As Sarah says, 'style takes heart'. This is Sarah. If you want to talk about how beautiful she is, I've got time and plenty to say.

Not just a space for showcasing beautiful design, which also just so happens to be BEAUTIFULLY designed itself, Sarah's blog Valentine features daily love notes for the things striking her fancy at any given moment.  From love notes to Nantucket to Justin Timberlake to tassels to her beautiful mother and even to some of her favorite jewelry and their designer (helloooo, Doloris Pentunia), Sarah is an expert at finding the beauty in daily life and making sure it shines.


And today is a special day.  Not just because I am so excited to share Sarah's new, amazing project (which, let it be said, is so perfectly can't help but put a smile on your face) but also because I am sharing it on my gorgeous parents' 44th wedding anniversary.  A total testament to what love really should be, my parents are an incredible pair who have spent their lives showing my brother and I, as well as everyone who knows them, what life should really be all about.  As they start some pretty brilliant new adventures in this next phase of their life together, which is just another reason they are so amazing, I asked Sarah if she would help me celebrate them today.


Sarah has known my parents for just about ever so she knows first hand how special they are...and boy oh boy, does she have a way with words to let them know.  So here is her Valentine to them:


Head over to Valentine to check out Sarah and her husband driving off into the sunset at their wedding in my Dad's 1955 Thunderbird (one of the most stunning moments this world will probably ever see), as well as all her love notes.  If you're feeling funny, sentimental, in love or just want a bit of inspiration (in design or just your mood), you'll be in love with Valentine.  Just like I am.

(Images c/o Valentine and little old me)