The World of Lisa Frank.

As the rush of 'back to school' swirls around us, I can't help but think back to a simpler time when the biggest decisions I had to make were what I was going to wear on the first day back and what Trapper Keeper I would commit to for the rest of the year.  So when I came across this amazing video of a recent peek into the world of Lisa Frank, the Queen of school supplies in my day, my brain very nearly melted. [youtube=]

First of all, Lisa Frank hides her identity and that's amazing.  But I seriously want to see her.  Because I bet she is somehow even more of some kind of batty pixie fairy than Betsey Johnson and I want to see what that looks like.  Moving swiftly on, the fact that Lisa Frank is still a massive operation warms my soul.  No child should ever be denied the opportunity to emblazon their school supplies with cracked-out unicorn scenes.  And in summary, their headquarters based in Tucson, Arizona give me an amazing Breaking Bad creep out.  A rainbow building out in the middle of the desert.  What the... Don't ever change.  Make more unicorns.

(Also, do you know Lisa Frank started her company at the age of 24?!  What a genius.  And I'm being completely serious.  So clever.  Except an update on all of this is that the beautiful rainbow building is starting to fall apart...there are 6 employees...and the unicorn out front is missing its horn.  Sad face.)