Etsy Monday: Amanda Catherine Designs.

Happy Monday, everyone.  You ready for an overload of adorable?  Yeah, I bet you are.  But let me make a little bit of a point first.  I don't know if it's my recent move into my 30s, a whole lot of change in my life generally or the time of year but soul searching seems to be the name of the game at the moment.  There seems to be an overwhelming need to find answers or be inspired or be overly philosophical about life and what it all means.  Studying the every day, losing sleep wondering if you're doing enough in your life, giving a lot of time to the 'what ifs'.  Anyone?  Just me? Well, turns out there is something in the simplicity of it all.  The deep messages you are looking for may not be all that deep in reality.  And yes, this is a direct introduction to a beautiful Etsy shop, Amanda Catherine Designs.  Pencils and prints...simple, familiar, sweet items that give simple, familiar, sweet words a home.  Be smart.  Be kind.  Be silly.  You'll be fine.

Gentle Reminders

World is Your Oyster Print

Favorite Things

Clever Words Print

Bar Cart Print

Amanda does a beautiful job at taking just a few words to bring out a smile.  From her 'gentle reminders' to reminding us that a good, strong drink is totally acceptable (thanks, Amanda!), her work is delicate and somehow powerful.  What I love about her prints and her pencils is that one little look in the morning or a glance amidst a busy day can bring a reminder that is the perfect little nod to just keep being you.  In fact, I DO like pretty things and clever words.  Wearing sequins to breakfast is the s**t.  And if pancakes DON'T make you happy, shut up and get out.  You can see Amanda's entire Etsy shop here.  Nothing like getting a friend, or even yourself, one of these sweet little reminders.  Le sigh.

Wear Sequins to Breakfast

Happy Pancakes Print

Wandering Mind Print

Old Fashioneds Print

(All images c/o Amanda Catherine Designs)