Etsy Monday: Two Arms.

Decorating a new apartment, I'm completely decor obsessed.  I've gotten a lot of the major elements in...bed, TV, accent chairs, bar stools and a couch that will hopefully be delivered this week.  But the major thorn in my side is my artwork.  I have some great stuff and I'm currently staring at it all piled up against the wall in my living room.  Some of it needs to be framed after traveling back to the States without one...and all of it needs to find a home in this place.  As I dream of a gallery-style wall of art in the living room, I need some more beauties that stand on their own while also playing nice with the things I have already.  Enter the beautiful work from Etsy shop Two Arms.

NYC BouquetOde to the French Bulldog

A two person printmaking and design shop based out of Brooklyn, Mike and Karen from Two Arms bring together two of the things I love the most.  NYC (Brooklyn, in particular) and bulldogs.  Everything in the shop is hand-pulled and hand-printed by the artists, so you really get something properly original and unique.  Their style is a bit industrial but with huge character...there is a playfulness in their designs that seems to exist from within.  Textures really make the images stand out and even the most simple of images demands that you take a closer look.  I would like to request that one of you out there create a 'bulldog wall'.  Many thanks.

Ode to the ENGLISH BulldogNueva YorkBROOKLYN

For the next week, Thrill of the Chaise readers can get 20% any purchase from Two Arms!  Just enter the code 'thrillofthechaise' at checkout and enjoy!  Go ahead...get your shop on.

Brooklyn BridgeIf This Isn't Nice...Liberty Torch

(All images c/o Two Arms)