Welcome To My Haunted House.

It's not actually haunted.  Well, at least not from what I can tell.  But I recently moved into a lovely, new apartment and I've been on a decorating kick...and have recently had to stop myself from buying all things 'skull'.  It may or may not be obvious that I have a little bit of an obsession with the slightly more macabre, especially when it comes to decor.  Though my living room is actually swallowed up in bright pink, I still made sure there was room for a very well-placed skull in there, which I picked up on my somewhat recent travels to Mexico.


My bedroom is going a slightly darker route (almost anything would be darker than a bright pink living room, fair point) and though I have had to try to put myself on a 'skull decor ban', as it will surely start to look a bit silly and not as cool at a certain point, it hasn't kept me from looking.

Marble Cheeseboard


Tea Plate

Pillow Cover

Decanter & Glasses

Society6 Print

I am in love with this badass Tumblr, Spooky Home.  Now, these may not be the spookiest images at Spooky Home but they are spooky done very well.  Understated spooky.  That's me.  With elements of very spooky.  Yeah.  I like that.

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(Images from all over the damn place.  Click on the products to go to the original site.  Except for Spooky Home...just go to Spooky Home.)