Etsy Monday: Two String Jane. And Super Duper Discounts!

Happy Monday, world.  The last week was a challenging one for me...nothing dramatic, just one of those weeks.  So how better to start of this new week on the right foot than some friggin' adorable tops from the friggin' adorable Two String Jane.  A self-taught designer, this line is all about being playful, colorful and bold.  I mean, I know it doesn't take much to completely charm me, but these shirts do it effortlessly.  A cute t-shirt can set a casual look apart and...come on...just look.




Squeal, so cute, right?!  Well, bring some fun into your wardrobe this a lovely discount from Two String Jane.  Get yourselves 15% off with the code '15OFF' at the Two String Jane Etsy shop.  Get there now.  Be adorable!



Get your shop on with more funtastic discounts at some of my favorite shops!  First up, the fabulous Lenny Mud, who has been all over the blog as of late.  And for good reason.  I love everything in the Lenny Mud shop.  Read more about it here.  And get your butt over to the Lenny Mud Etsy shop for a 25% discount!  Just use the code 'THRILLCHAISE' when you check-out and BOOM.


And one more for good measure...I wrote about the beautiful leather goods of Linmade here and designer Miss Lina got in touch to let me know that she has officially launched her new (and beautiful) website so will be offering a 15% discount to celebrate!  Use the code 'GRANDOPEN' on her website here.  And buy me something while you're there.  Because I'm worth it!  And you are too.


(All images c/o Two String Jane, Lenny Mud & Linmade)