Oh heyyyyyy!  Well, I am back and have very nearly recovered from one of the most memorable weekends (extended weekend...4 day extravaganza...whatever you like) of my life.  First of all, I'm in love with Vermont.  I wasn't so much in love with the 6.5 hours it took me to get there but if that is the route you take to pure gorgeousness and the nicest people in the world, game on.  Things did start getting very confusing when I realized I was so far north that I was picking up French-Canadian radio stations...  

If this is the view from the parking lot of The Round Barn, you can only imagine what the rest of the place looked like...and I apologize I didn't think to actually get more shots of that.

From the first night fireside hang out to the rehearsal dinner at the lovely Pitcher Inn to the big day itself at The Round Barn, everything was thoughtful, fun and full of love.  I won't get all mushy about all the very special moments had over the weekend but I did want to share it all through my eyes (or phone, rather).

Welcome Bag in my room upon arrival, complete with beer, cheese, crackers and maple candies that are sure to send you on a 4-day sugar high.

'Guard dog' at The Round Barn who was very old and happy to get some of my attention...but also inexplicably soaking wet.

Page in a book about love that were in each of our rooms.  Also, story of my life.

Gifts for the Maids.

And an extra special gift for little miss Maid of Honor (moi).  A necklace by *** of dyed, vintage lace.

I slept with the bride the night before the wedding while the groom took my room.  And we were treated to coffee in bed by the very thoughtful mothers.

Best buddies getting ready (in the adorable robes the bride gifted to all of us).

Our bouquets of my favorite flowers, peonies.

The bride and all her maids.

My favorite dress in my closet now.

Progressively getting dressed...

At the reception (come on, would have been totally inappropriate for me to be Instagramming while at the ceremony...right?)

Beautiful Bride.

Bourbon Bacon Caramel Popcorn for afters.

Now after these images were all taken, we did an awful lot of dancing and drinking and then some more drinking at the 'after party'.  At said after party, I was approached by the groom and bride's brother to participate in something called a 'shot ski'.  Which sounded much more adorable before an actual ski with shot glasses attached to it was put in my face.  Needless to say, I smelled of whisky for 2 days straight and was woken up the morning after the wedding by the groom delivering two Advil to my face.  So no.  You don't get to see any of the pictures I attempted to capture there.  Nor the video in the van ride home that I took because I thought everyone was singing 'We Will Rock You' (they weren't, the radio was).  And I will tell you that, yes, eating wedding cake with my hands in the living room of the inn when we got back was equal parts totally awesome and totally gross.  All in all, a success.  Oh, and this happened at one point:


A huge congrats to Allie and John!  Eat all the pasta Italy has to offer in my honor.  Many thanks.

c/o Hendrickson Photography