Supporting Youth.

You've gotta love a small town kid with big dreams (and talent to match).  And as a small town kid myself, who didn't grow up on a sports field but rather finding my voice in a choir room, I have always been passionate about protecting and supporting the arts for younger generations.  Enter 15 year-old filmmaker Max Galassi, a Newtown youth with stories to tell and a life he knows he is just beginning to find his way through. [vimeo]

Max is talented beyond his years but keeps a sense of child-like exploration in his work.  Learning as he goes, Max's film 'Sophie's Tree' was his portrayal of all the unknown feelings and confusion he, and many of his young peers in the area, was feeling following the tragedy this past December in his hometown.  This film was screened National Film Festival for Talented Youth, not only getting Max's message out to a wider audience but also cementing his incredible talent, as well.  See the trailer for his first film, 'Astral', below:


Sponsored by another incredible local talent, Johnny A. Williams Woodshop, Max is working on his next film, 'Youth'.  This young prodigy is currently fundraising $3500 for this project and I want to invite you all to help!  Please visit Max's Indiegogo page and donate.  There are just a couple of weeks left to help Max reach his goal so he can tell this story.

'It’s about love, loss, and being free. It’s about change and escaping and realizing what really matters in the shadow of an intricate adolescent mind. It’s about internal struggle while physically striving to not become a single impression on someone. It’s a story about friendship, and realization. But most importantly, it’s a story about being a kid, and being wild before you can’t anymore. It’s about being a kid and being everything you can before things change.'  And it should be heard and seen.