Get Lucky.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know everyone and their mom is talking about this summer's cool-kid anthem, Daft Punk jam 'Get Lucky'.  I have admit, it was a slow grower for me...but now that I've let my 'this isn't the Daft Punk I know' issues go, I admit it's a tune.  I also love the idea of a sweet summer song.  Makes me want to dance on a rooftop with friends and a strong cocktail in hand.  Anyone?! [youtube=]

Just as I was throwing my hands up and admitting I love this song, the CFDA Awards happened.  Oh boy.  Well, I have to say, I am having a love/hate relationship with this video.  I love it for being creative, for being cool by default and for allowing some silliness into a place it isn't always allowed.  I hate it because it sucks.  SORRYNOTSORRY.  If you're going to get a bunch of male models together to sing at me, make sure they can all hold a tune.  Yeah, that's right.  To announce the Menswear Designers of the Year, they showcased the nominees collections as the models in their threads sang 'Get Lucky'.  It's not the worst.  Until you get to Thom Browne, who deserved all the best vocalists, but who got stuck with all the guys that it sounds like may have shown up late.  Sigh.  Love.  Hate. Love.  Hate.


I don't want to leave you with that video.  That's not fair.  To you.  To the song.  To the male models.  To anyone.  So I want to share a badass cover by some of my favorite people out there...Daughter.  (I've written about these dolls before here and you should read it.)  Anyway, Elena, Igor and Remi have done a brilliant cover of the song that is not just one to enjoy in your quieter, more melancholic moments but may also serve as the wintertime version to this summertime jam.


Seriously though.  Who wants to go dance and drink on a rooftop with me?  Is this a good time to mention for the millionth time that I turn 30 in a few weeks?  Smooch.

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