Resort 2014: Round Four.

What was that you just said?  How could there possibly be ANOTHER Resort 2014 post?  Well, it's because this season seems to be almost never-ending and there is some darn good stuff coming out of it all.  Sit back, relax and enjoy...

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So girly.  So French.  So perfect.  The Resort collection from Nina Ricci may be my favorite of the season.  I mean, come on.  Look at it.  Tell me the Nina Ricci girl in this collection isn't the coolest, most stylish and most charming girl you know.  I love the color's all over the place and it works.  I love the prints, especially the unexpected mixing of prints.  And I love the undone beauty.  So freakin' French.

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For the most part, the Resort 2014 Gucci collection skewed a bit too disco diva for my taste.  And that's coming from someone who spent a fair amount of time last week banging on about how badass I think 'daytime sequins' are.  But there were some really noteworthy looks for me (above) that I really fell over.  The 70s style is still completely present but there is something very sweet, girly and cool about them.  The prints are amazing.  And, in true Gucci style, there is no shying away from making a statement.

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I loved reading that the muse for Misha Nonoo is the cool, slightly eccentric English schoolgirl.  Because sometimes I wish that was everyone's inspiration.  I love this entire collection because from the most formal gown to the most relaxed pair of sneakers with a dress, it all works together.  It's all for the same girl.  It's all as effortlessly badass as fashion should be.  And how great is that chick's hair-do?!  The answer: SUPER great.

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I loved Nanette Lepore when I went swiftly from my goth phase as a 13-year-old into my ultra-girly phase as a 14-year-old.  I did NOT mess around.  And neither did Nanette when it came to creating almost sickeningly sweet looks for the girliest girl you knew.  So this collection has me quite delighted.  Yeah, she's still creating clothing for the very feminine lady.  But she's growing up just a bit and refining as well.  I love the cobalt blue.  I love the slightly edgier style.  And I love that this collection was described as every fashion blogger's dream...because it is.  Look out for all your favorite bloggers rocking these looks (and probably selling the s**t out of them too).

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