Etsy Monday: Cocosheaven. And GIVEAWAY.

As I'm writing this, it's pouring rain outside and everything seems a bit glum.  But then I visit the Etsy shop Cocosheaven, the feature of today's Etsy Monday post, and I immediately feel warm and sunshine-y.  What JK, the designer of Cocosheaven, seems to understand inherently is the beauty of simplicity.  The number of times I have approached some kind of fashion item I loved from a distance to say 'augh, why did they have to put all this stuff on it?!' outweighs the number I have not.  By 'stuff', I mean gems, tassles, logos, buckles, pockets, so on and so forth.  Sometimes you just don't want all the bells and whistles.  Phew, tangent over. 1

Canvas Weekender Bag

I'm saying I love what JK and Cocosheaven are bringing into the world.  And the goal is simplicity...simplicity to make sure the beauty of the product itself remains intact.  Simple doesn't mean a lack of uniqueness, though.  Which is the amazing thing about the work that JK does.  In it's delicate and clean nature, the totes and leather work are somehow unexpected and totally stand out.

Blue Ombre Tote Bag

Pink Ombre Pillow

Aqua Ombre Pillow

Selection of Ombre Totes

Generally, I try to choose my favorite items from featured Etsy shops to give a taste of their style but also edit a bit to showcase my own tastes.  But the truth is, I can't pick favorites at Cocosheaven because they are all my favorites.  The leather luggage tags are personal, an amazing gift for a traveler (wink wink) and make being practical super fashionable.  The ombre tote bags are GORGEOUS and I want one in every color.  Those are the kinds of bags that are so universal when it comes to form, function and fashion.  Not to mention, what a fab conversation starter...because I assure you, it will grab attention when you're out and about with it.  And whaaaaaaat?!  Ombre pillow covers?!  For someone who is looking at apartments right now and dreaming about decorating, these pillows are just perfect.  They make a beautiful statement but don't steal the show.  Gimme.

XL Orange Ombre Tote Bag

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS GIVEAWAY?!  One very lucky Thrill of the Chaise reader will win this XL Orange Ombre Canvas Tote with beautiful leather straps, which was featured on the Etsy homepage!  Oh heck yes.  To enter, all you have to do is click here before the clock strikes midnight on Wednesday, June 19th and follow a couple very easy steps.  The contest is open internationally and you have to agree to let me borrow the bag sometimes (I'm kidding...about the sharing bit, the rest is true).

(All images c/o Cocosheaven)