Resort 2014: Volume Trois.

So much Resort to look little time.  Though I seem to be making time.  Read up!

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So I've been going through a bit of a phase where all I want in life (overstatement) is a pair of snake print booties.  Apparently Ports 1961 was listening to my fashion prayers.  This isn't a brand I usually gravitate towards but I was digging this collection.  There's a hint of Burberry in here but just a hint.  And who would turn that down?

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Dammit, Rachel Zoe has done it again.  It's a funny thing...I always go to look at her collections and think 'this will be a throw-away'and then I'm always wrong.  I mean, yes, she designs for herself.  Yes, she roots every little thing she does in the Seventies.  And yes, her garments tend to be new versions of solid things we have seen before.  But she has an amazing brand.  Her versions are amazing.  And the girl's done good.

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If you're looking to be badass, or at least dress like you are, you never have to look any further than Rag & Bone.  Resort seems to be no different for them.  I love everything about this collection.  The lace-up wedge boots belong in my closet and on my paws.  I need to figure out how to wear a hat without looking like a jerk.  And I need every single one of these garments.  Especially the jackets.  Augh, they are so good at jackets.

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I don't...I can't...augh, Rebecca Minkoff, how are you so cool?!  It's almost annoying.  So can I have all the things you make?  Thanks.  Ms. Minkoff is the queen bee of the separate.  While I may not always be the biggest fan of her styling (sorry, I said it, it's out there), I do recognize when individual garments are great...which says a lot, because it's very easy to get caught up in an entire look when it comes to viewing the collections.  But there are some really fabulous pieces to her Resort 2014 collection and I'm digging the bright pink lips too.

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I first came across Michael van der Ham a few years ago when, for some unknown reason, the Topshop flagship in London decided to make a bunch of recipe cards dedicated to all their designer collaborations.  I mean, literally, food recipe cards.  I can't remember what favorite recipe Michael created on his card because I was really preoccupied with the name 'van der Ham'.  Anywho, he's delivered a beautiful, adorable, bright and happy collection for Resort 2014.  The prints and textures are, as always, amazing.  And the silhouettes are adorably sexy.  And if that sounds like a weird description, shut up, see above, tell me different.

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