Resort 2014: Volume Deux.

Resort 2014 collections keep flooding in and every moment I think 'yes, I have conquered the collections and can now sit back and write a delightful little round-up on them'...there are another 10 shows to browse.  Now, I am in no way complaining.  I could look at new collections all day, every day despite the heart racing that ensues from not being able to run out and buy everything I want.  Keep an eye out over the next week on installments of Resort 2014 that, in my humble opinion, are totally worth obsessing over.  Next up...

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Burberry Prorsum does it again.  Giving endless credit to this label, you always know when you are looking at a Burberry collection with the tight pencil skirts, classic trenches and perfectly placed jackets.  But there is always something that makes it THAT much better than the collection before.  This collection struck a perfect chord on the color palette, made sheer lace look totally classy and empowered daytime sequins.  I want to be THIS kind of Burberry girl.


While the Jill Stuart collection didn't set my heart alight, I love this designer and I loved this look above.  What Jill Stuart epitomizes is the grown-up girl...meaning, she dresses for women who never lose their sense of feminine and childish whimsy.  Augh, that word...whimsy.  Her detailing is what really sets her apart and while I wasn't a fan of bright pink rosettes and white Jacquard skirts, this little black number with stand-out scalloping and bow just seems perfect.

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Speaking of daytime sequins...hey, Marc Jacobs!  My take on this collection is 'Gatsby on a sailing trip with very sensible shoes'.  Nautical stripes were approached a bit differently.  MJ wanted to make sure no one had to worry about getting their heel caught in the dock.  And I assume this lookbook will beg the question, is Marc Jacobs thinking about moving into interiors with those delightful fluffy pillows?!  I mean, he does everything else, I'm sure he could fit in a home line.

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Come on, Zac Posen, let's go to the ball!  Honestly, I am not sure what I can even say about this collection other than 'woah' and 'I think Mr. Posen actually decided on creating his own editorial shoot instead of a lookbook that Vogue may have to just copy and paste'.  So that happened.

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And now for something a bit more accessible...Nicole Miller.  Generally, this designer delivers looks for what I like to think of as the polished cool girl.  She's got some edge, she's not afraid to show it but she also doesn't need to be too massively in your face about it. I didn't totally get that from this collection.  Where some of the prints and looks skewed a bit trashy if I didn't know where it was from, there were a few nails that were hit upon their head.  Above.

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Everyone, look!  Look how cool Fendi is!  I don't even know where to start and I also don't want to write a whole essay because, I promise you, it would start to get weird.  With patterns and super saturated colors that are a bit in your face, Fendi used this collection to not overwhelm but to introduce an element of 'badass-ness' that I haven't associated with the brand for a while.  Everything about this collection is just so freaking cool.  Shapes are just the right stand-out style, skin is shown in the most perfect spots and it's obvious Fendi is having fun, without begging you to join them.  Which is a bit of what fashion is all about, non?

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There was something delightfully nostalgic about the Erdem collection for Resort 2014.  And refreshingly so.  It was all very updated 50s in shape, style and with pattern and embellishment...but I couldn't help but find myself a little giddy over it all.  Now, this could have something to do with how much attitude the models in this shoot are giving it, of course, but when you see a collection so perfectly thought-out and executed, it has to make you happy.

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