Sweet Shades. Another Bourbon & Boots Delight.

One of my favorite online destinations EVER is Bourbon & Boots.  I could (and sometimes do) spend hours browsing their website, wishing I could buy everything, wanting to eat everything and wondering how a group of people could be so impossibly cool.  And I suppose the answer for that could very likely be that it's because they are Southerners (and 'one Yankee', REPRESENT!)  I first discovered the magic that is Bourbon & Boots when I found this insanely cool Johnny Cash necklace.

Johnny Cash

Bourbon & Boots is an awesome digital retail curation of Southern-inspired and created goods.  Want to up your fashion game with a bow tie or some badass piece of handmade jewelry?  They got it.  Looking to make your house a home with some fly wall art?  No problem.  Need some Louisiana crawfish delivered to your door for a party?  Seriously...they make it happen.  They even have editorial content that teaches you everything from the how to pick a Kentucky Derby winner to bands to see at SXSW to adventures in hand-cranked ice cream and infused vodka (not together but I'd be willing to give that a try).

B&B Shades

So when I saw a pair of ombré wood framed Lolita sunglasses from these curators of cool, I freaked out.  FREAKED.  OUT.  And with their Southern charm and inherent thoughtfulness, the Bourbon & Boots team sent me a pair to take on my travels to Mexico where I couldn't wait to get some generally few and far between snaps of lil' old me wearing these bad boys.  Now, if you know me (and my almost vampire-inspired skin), you will know that for all my efforts, the sun and I do not always see eye to eye.  And thus, I sunburned my face and chest within 24 hours of arriving and became a slightly less desirable tableau for my new favorite sunglasses.  I mean, I wore them all over and attracted attention because, who cares, I'm on vacation.  But when wanting to show you all how freaking awesome these shades were, my red face wasn't gonna cut the mustard.  So here are some glamour shots I took of these fun, comfortable and super cool sunglasses.

1 2 3

If you're of the slightly more understated variety, Bourbon & Boots also has a Wayfarer version.  Honestly, I can't say enough about how much I love this product.  They look cool...I mean, ombré wood?  Come on.  They are so comfortable.  And they have fantastic lenses which may sound slightly geeky but when you get a pair of good ones, it makes a world of difference.  Not to mention every pair is handmade by one of the two folks that makes up Tumbleweed Handicrafts in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Check out the sunglasses here and make sure to visit the Bourbon & Boots site.  (In related news, the above cactus taught me just how stupid it is to go near a cactus.)

4 5

(Images c/o Bourbon & Boots and moi.  Special thanks to Bourbon & Boots for hooking me up with such a lovely gift...but just a note, all opinions are my own.)