Being Inside On The Outside.

Coming home to Connecticut after three weeks, I was amazed at how quickly the landscape had changed.  Canopies of green had appeared, trees had burst into beautiful flowers, the grass was suddenly alive and emerald again.  It was a real reminder of how much I love the summertime and all that it brings.  One of the things I love most is the idea of being able to really live outside as much as possible while the weather is balmy, the sun is out longer and the stars seem to shine a little bit brighter.

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I am completely obsessed with the idea of indoor/outdoor living.  Move the living room out to the patio.  Create a bed out on the lawn.  Set-up the dining table on the patio.  Make the most of the warm skies and a bigger world.  Get inspired and have some fun!  And if you're down for building a tree house...I'd love to host a party there.

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(All images c/o Pinterest)