Flip Fashion. A Personal Lookbook.

Spending three weeks in London in some pretty gorgeous weather, I tried to make sure that I had a little bit of time to just wander and get a bit lost.  Hampstead is one of my favorite places in London to go walkabout.  It's quiet but you can find the bustle of the village if you'd like.  There are shops to browse, historic homes to tour, and the Heath is like Central Park on steroids.  I adore it.  After a somewhat disappointing visit to Keats' House (beautiful gardens, boring museum), I thought taking a stroll by some shops might remedy the let-down.  And that it did.


Walking by one of the bookshops in the village that always seems to have adorable books in the windows, I was very excited to see that on this visit, they did not disappoint.  Flip Fashion immediately jumped out at me so I popped in to take a close-up look and ended up spending way too much time playing with this lovely little book.  Split into four different 'flippable' parts, you can choose parts of different styles, from jazz age to punk, to mix and match the most perfect or most ridiculous looks.  Whatever takes your fancy!

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This beautifully illustrated and carefully researched book, designed by French (London-based) graphic designer Lucille Clerc, would make the perfect gift for a little girl fascinated with fashion to your favorite fashionista friend.  Pick up a copy of the book here.

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