Met Ball 2013: Punk - Chaos to Couture.

I don't tend to review red carpet fashions but there was something so ridiculously cool about last nights Met Ball, celebrating its new exhibit, Punk: Chaos to Couture.  In complete honesty, I was ready to really hate what I saw when I woke up this morning to all the fashions that took the stage as I slept here in London...otherwise known as the spiritual home of punk.  Yes, all these stars have very knowledgable stylists but I was prepared to see something similar to the MTV Video Music Awards where lots of vanilla stars look at it as a chance to be 'cool' and a little 'rock and roll'.  But holy s**t.  WELL DONE, TEAM. Sarah Jessica Parker rocking Giles Deacon, complete with velvet tartan thigh-high boots, braids and mohawk headpiece.  I mean, come on.  She's amazing.

Allison Williams in a perfectly bizarre Altuzarra gown.

Not one to ever care much for Anne Hathaway, I have to admit, girl rocked it with new hair and Valentino. As you do.

It seemed as though some people missed the memo on the theme of the night and just got far too dolled up, but there were some real winners for me and for reasons I would never expect.  Aside from Madonna who went balls to the wall with her get-up, there was a brilliant manifestation of punk in the most fashionable ways last night...and in some of the most unexpected ways.  Hair and make-up sealed the deal for many of the stars but in-your-face studs, bold silhouettes and, in the cases of the real punks (i.e. Her Majesty Vivienne Westwood), it was all about the understatement.

The understated spike belt on Cameron Diaz's Stella McCartney gown make me love this look.

I'm bored of Ms. Cara but digging the entire ensemble, Burberry, studs and heavy eye make-up...job done.

Before we get knocked over the head with her Great Gatsby looks, Carey Mulligan showed that less is a beautiful amount of more in Balenciaga.

Emily Blunt took a beautiful Carolina Herrara gown and made it badass with bright pink eyeshadow, spike earrings and very well-done faux-hawk.

Ginnifer Goodwin balanced her good and bad girl wearing a surprising Tory Burch dress with even more surprising (but well executed) bold eyes.

Hailee Steinfeld was the perfect amount of punk for her age with edgy hair and make-up paired with a sweet (and safety pin covered) dress from Donna Karan Atelier.

I wasn't sure about this look on Katy Perry straight off the Dolce & Gabbana runway but it's grown on me.  Work it.

Probably the most controversial move of the night but also my favorite.  Nicole Richie killed it with haunting white hair.  And then killed it again in Topshop.

Sienna Miller, I almost didn't recognize you. Thank you for respecting my theory that a leather jacket over any formal look is cool.  And so does Burberry, apparently.


(All images c/o Getty Images)