Etsy Monday: Up In The Air Somewhere.

Sometimes the biggest statements are made not when you shout, but when you whisper.  Well, that's how I felt when I first came across Etsy shop Up In The Air Somewhere.  These handmade ceramics use shape, texture and color all together to create fascinating objects that are as much art as they are house wear.  I hold tight to the theory that it only takes one thoughtful touch to transform a room.  Whenever I make the small effort to put some flowers in a bud vase next to my bed (especially when peony season has started...which it is about to, woop!), my whole space changes, my mood changes, everything becomes a little brighter.  That is what the work from Up In The Air Somewhere does.  It takes small statements and makes them transformative.  Waxing a bit lyrical about ceramics?  Try and prove me wrong. Peach & Gold Dot Dish

Peach Fade Vessel

White & Gold Dot Dish

The lovely Susan Dwyer is a one woman studio in Chicago. All her work is created without molds so each is a little different, with a personality all its own. Working in both paper maché and ceramic, her work is delicate, minimal but also sweet and enchanting. 'I like to give both mediums an airy feel and appealing texture.'  When it comes to her designs and colors, Susan says, 'I like classic shapes and patterns like dots and stripes because they have graphic interest but are also pretty minimal. I am mostly inspired by the materials I how does the clay move when it dries? What pattern and texture does the layered paper create?'  I mean, does it get more beautiful than that?!

Gold Zag Tray

Peach & Gold Pot

Aqua Fade Bowl Set

Navy & Gold Pot

Visit Up In The Air Somewhere on Etsy to see the full collection here.

(All images c/o Up In The Air Somewhere)