Motels Scare Me.

If you ask my parents what kind of kid I was, they would hopefully give you the standard answer about how lovely and enjoyable I was, obviously too cute for words.  But they would probably add in some kind of comment on my also having some 'quirks'.  One of which was my intense fear of motels.  I'd like to say that this was because I was so fancy that I couldn't possibly comprehend the idea of a discount hotel.  But the truth is, we have no idea where this came from.  But I had my reasons and they were deep-rooted.  I would make my parents always check any hotel room for bad people or monsters...and also check under the bed because I was convinced that I would someday be the one to find a body hidden under there.  Yeah...weird.  (We once checked into a very nice hotel in Florida and the last guest had obviously put their fist through the bathroom door.  It set my development in this issue back by years.)

Motel Sign

Now that I have over-shared about my odd childhood behavior, there is actually a reason for this story beyond some kind of personal therapy.  Tablet Hotels Magazine recently posted a fantastic article on eleven revamped motels across America and my reaction to reading the title was less than optimistic.  But by the time I finished reading, it actually had me really excited about this trend of taking old motels and making them into fantastic places to stay.  In fact, let's start a revolution.

The Pearl, San Diego

The Roxbury, Upstate New York

Belmont Hotel, Dallas

Hotel San Jose, Austin

Jupiter Hotel, Portland

Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Palm Springs

Hope Springs Resort, California

The Farmer's Daughter, Los Angeles

The Modern Hotel, Boise

Hotel Valley Ho, Arizona

The Standard Hollywood, Los Angeles

You can read the entire article here.  And make sure to subscribe to Tablet for great hotel deals across the world!  (And no, they aren't paying me to say that.  Sigh.)  So, where we going first?!

(All images c/o Tablet.  Except for Pink Cloud...that bad boy is c/o Pinterest)