Etsy Monday: Which Goose.

There is no denying it.  The wedding season has arrived.  I have literally just arrived home after a bachelorette party weekend and hopefully delivered on my Maid of Honor responsibilities, which I think mostly consist of making sure the bride is drinking and happy, followed by making sure the bride's hangover is not so bad that she boots me from the wedding.  In two weeks, I'll be on a plane to London, parents in tow, for the wedding of one of dearest friends to the love of his life (check out how I helped set-up the proposal extravaganza here).  And by the end of June, I will be donning my insanely gorgeous BHLDN dress for the nuptials of the aforementioned mildly hungover, but happy bride. Flower Crown

I'm getting off track and I'm not making this sound half as romantic as I should.  Right.  Weddings mean pretty things.  And Which Goose makes some of the prettiest.  Flower crowns, pretty accessories, delicate delights.  The lovely Emily even makes custom work, which I am sure is to dieeeeee for.  And it makes my heart swell even more that she has announced she is closing up shop for a couple of months because SHE is getting married.  Which I really hope she shares pictures of...because I bet it is going to be ridiculously adorable.

Ivory Flower Crown

'Paradise' Hair Clip

Tea Cup Ringbearer Pillow

Bridal Clutch

First Bloom Tiara

So if you have a wedding to go to, a wedding to be in or a wedding all your own...check out Which Goose.  Because I am telling you now, your wedding should look exactly like Emily's creations.

Willow Groomsmen Boutonnieres

Pink Party Hat

Bridal Wrist Corsage

Ivory Hair Bow

(All images c/o Which Goose)